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Atheta coriaria(500)

Atheta coriaria(500)

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Biological Controls are only available to be sent to Mainland UK as they are live animals. Any further will compromise the performance and the quality of the product. 
Please refer to our ordering and delivery timescales on the front page of the Biological Crop Protection section.

The predatory beetle Atheta coriaria is an extremely voracious and efficient predator of some of the most troublesome soil insects such as fungus gnats (Sciara), shore flies (Scatella stagnalis) as well as the very damaging western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis).
Biology:Adult Atheta beetles are dark brown to shiny black, 3 to 4 mm long and are completely covered with hair. Atheta has three larval stages during which the larvae change from white to orange brown. All stages of Atheta actively search for prey. Because of their flight capability, adults can travel through a greenhouse, which ensures good distribution and fast population development. Total development time from egg to adult takes about three weeks at 25ºC. After that period the adult predatory beetle will be active for approx. three weeks. An adult female will lay 8 eggs per day during the first two weeks after maturing.
Application:Atheta coriaria can be introduced against different soil pests in several ornamental, vegetable and arboricultural crops. The adult beetles and the larvae will mainly search for eggs, young larvae and pupae of the sciarid fly (sciara). The same goes for the eggs and larvae of the shore fly (scatella). Especially the adult predatory beetles will also contribute to the control of the 2nd larval stage of the Western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis). This is the larval thrips-stage that lets itself fall to the ground to pupate later on. Besides these three pests, also the eggs and young larvae of moth flies are on the menu of Atheta coriaria. Atheta-System can be applied to different media, such as compost, coconut fibre, rock wool, etc. by distributing the content of 1 package (500 beetles) into 10 to 20 piles.Introduce at least 2 predatory beetles per m².

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