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Agri 50E (5 ltr) (Single)

Agri 50E (5 ltr) (Single)


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APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS AGRI-50E is a suspension concentrate (SC) that has a physical mode of action. AGRI-50E may be applied using conventional High Volume application equipment. Select an application volume to ensure thorough and uniform coverage to infested plant material, as indicated under Directions for Use. AGRI-50E is a contact insecticide. For maximum effectiveness, direct contact of spray treatments with target pests is essential. To obtain the best results, AGRI-50E should be applied in early morning or late afternoon when pests tend to be less active. Early morning applications should be avoided in protected crops. The frequency of application should be adjusted to maintain an effective level of control. Application frequency may vary depending on pest type, crop type, geographical region and local weather conditions. AGRI-50E has not been tested on all plant varieties under all growing conditions. Test a small number of plants for safety before applying AGRI-50E to the entire crop. AGRI-50E is most effective in water with a pH between 5.0 and 8.5. If necessary, buffer water to within the optimal range. In areas with very hard water (>900ppm calcium)a suitable buffering agent should be used. Do not mix anti-foaming agents with AGRI-50E. MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Application equipment should be cleaned thoroughly before using AGRI-50E, using a proprietary cleaning agent. (Do not shake the AGRI-50E bottle before use rather invert slowly several times before measuring out the required volume.) Add enough water to the spray tank to allow agitation. Slowly add the required amount of AGRI-50E whilst continuously agitating the mixture. Add the remainder of the water until the desired volume is reached. Do not over-agitate or excessive foaming may result. Triple rinse and flush spray equipment thoroughly following each use. Do not tank-mix AGRI-50E without first consulting your distributor. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Target pests: Pests controlled: Whitefly Pests suppressed: Leafhopper, Psyllids, Scale insects, Spider mites Crops: All protected and outdoor edible and non-edible crops. Dose rate and application volume: 300 ml AGRI-50E per 100 litres water. Application volume: Protected crops - Apply a minimum 1000 litres and up to 2500 litres spray solution per hectare depending on plant architecture and density. Field crops - Apply a minimum 350 litres and up to 1200 litres spray solution per hectare depending on plant architecture and density. Sufficient volume of spray should be used to ensure thorough coverage of the target pest. Application timing: Crop safety / Restrictions: Use of Agri-50E on ornamental crops if not recommended without a plant safety check prior to spraying the whole crop. Agri-50E should not be mixed with heavy metal products, sulphur, mineral oils or products containing a strongly positive ion charge. Consult technical support for information on compatible tank mixes. Latest application / Harvest intervals: Zero days INTERGATED PEST AND RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AGRI-50E can be used within integrated pest and resistance management systems and can be used in conjunction with natural enemies. Consult AGRALAN Ltd. for further advice. If using bees for pollination, hives should be closed prior to application and reopened once the crop is dry.