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Citrox P (1 ltr)

Citrox P (1 ltr)

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Citrox P (1 ltr)

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General Information Citrox P is a disinfectant based on extracts of the citrus fruit, formulated with biodegradable surfactants. It is effective against a wide range of bacterial, fungal and viral organisms. It also suppresses development of a range of algae. When used as directed, Citrox P is non-phytotoxic to a wide range of plants. It has a no insecticide properties and should have no effect against insect predators used in biological control programmes. Uses of citrox Sanitisation of glasshouses, buildings and equipment. Citrox P may be used on most surfaces including glass, plastics, metals, paintwork, concrete, plaster and brickwork. The surfaces should be as clean as possible before treatment. Any dirt present will need to be thoroughly wetted to ensure penetration by Citrox P Solution. Disinfection of Pots, Trays and other Containers After cleaning, containers should be dipped in a solution of Citrox P. Items should be left in the solution for at least 10 minutes to allow adequate disinfection. Washing of 'Green' Material Citrox P, used at the recommended dilutions, may be used to disinfect the water prior to washing cuttings, bulbs, corms and seeds. The risk of phytotoxicity is extremely low, but due to the diversity of the plant material always test on a small sample before treating large quantities. Disinfection of Sand Beds, Capillary Matting and Rockwool Sand beds, capillary matting and Rockwool slabs may be disinfected with Citrox P between crops. As the product is non-phytotoxic to most crops, disinfection while crop is present may also be feasible. Always soak the bed and mat thoroughly, using up to 1 litre of diluted Citrox P per square metre. Use irrigation Lines Irrigation Lines, nozzles, drippers and seephoses may be disinfected by flushing through with diluted solution of Citrox P. Please note that as Citrox P is slightly acidic, it should be introduced into the dosing systems before any nutrient solution buffered. Always check the nozzles and drippers regularly to ensure there is no build up of fungal or algal growth. Use in Reservoirs and water tanks Citrox P May be added to water for irrigation to reduce the risk of algal development. It should be added at a rate of 1 litre per 100,000 litres. The concentrate should be diluted and sprayed over the surface of the water. Treatment should be repeated monthly under cool conditions, weekly during warmer conditions. Application of Citrox P Citrox P may be applied with any type of spray machinery including foggers and misters. As Citrox P is of extremely low toxicity, no special operator precautions are needed. For most applications, Citrox P should be diluted 1 part of concentrate to 150 parts clean water. (increasing the concentrate will speed up the effect.) Do not mix Citrox P with any other product. In particular it should not be mixed with high concentrations of Chlorine (e.g. Hypochlorine) For application through 'Foggers' and 'misters' Dilute 1 part concentrate to 15 parts of clean water. General precautions Citrox P is a product of extremely low toxicity, but the concentrate can cause mild irritation. It is therefore advisable to wear gloves and eye protection when handling the concentrate in large quantities.