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Blue Sticky Roll (30cm x 100m) (Single)

Blue Sticky Roll (30cm x 100m) (Single)

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Blue Sticky Roll (30cm x 100m) (Single)

Technical Information



Overview The colour sticky roll coated with pressure sensitive dry adhesive. It is made of high quality polypropylene material. The rolls specially designed for capturing insects which are elicited by specific colour matrix. As a result of attraction insect lands on sticky surface and get caught easily thus unable to escape. It is UV and sprinkler irrigation resistance roll with an efficacy for over a period of 8-12 weeks. Specification: Material Polypropylene Chromo-graphic Rolls Glue High-tech non-drying adhesive Colour: Yellow and Blue Dimension: 30 cm wide x 100 m long Application Place in the centre of the infected area of green, glass or plastic houses. The Roll should be applied before the emergence of the first generation of infested insect and until the end of the season. Insects are attracted to specific colour wave lengths. The colour stimuli elicit response from insect. For identification of host, mating place and finding oviposition sites. For white fly and Aphids yellow colour roll and for Thrips blue colour roll has been proven to be a very effective attractant. As a result of attraction insect lands on sticky surface and get caught easily thus unable to escape Storage Store the sticky rolls in a cool, dry and well ventilated room. Handling The sticky rolls could be hung from above the crop surface or place parallel with the crop rows. Special care should be taken to avoid contact between sticky areas of the roll and pant canopy. The Roll should be positioned near the infested area of the protected cultivation and also can be hung from the top fittings of the green house. It is recommended to apply one roll every 250-500 square meter. Collect trap data weekly but more frequently during the active critical part of the crop cycle. Because of its smaller dimension the roll does not block as much light and is easier to manipulate. Rolls could be left in place until the trapping surface is fully covered with insects.