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Chafer Beetle Funnel Trap  (Green Lid & Basket, Yellow Vane & Funnel, Clear Base)

Chafer Beetle Funnel Trap (Green Lid & Basket, Yellow Vane & Funnel, Clear Base)

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Chafer Beetle Funnel Trap HA821 ( (Green Lid & Basket, Yellow Vane & Funnel, Clear Base)

Technical Information



The tunnelling activity of the white bodied Chafer Grub larvae can cause serious damage to lawns, killing roots and causing yellowing of the turf, which begins to feel spongy underfoot. Grubs tend to cause significant damage from Autumn to Spring by which time the larvae are becoming fully grown. Predatory birds and mammals may cause secondary damage by digging up turf in their search for an easy meal consisting of the large white grubs.

One way to detect whether Chafer Beetles are present is the use of the Agralan Chafer Beetle Trap.This trap will catch adult beetles and give an early warning of Chafer Grub activity and the lawn damage that is likely to follow. It will also help reduce the numbers of egg laying adults in the surrounding area. By monitoring the trap contents, more accurate applications of nematodes or other lawn treatments can be applied against Chafer Grub larvae.

The Chafer Beetle Trap is supplied with a powerful attractant, which attracts adult Chafer Beetles to the trap.The beetles are also attracted by the yellow vanes on the top of the trap.They fly into the vanes and drop down into the funnel trap beneath.

The trap can be re-used each year by adding a new attractant capsule.The trap should be placed in lawn areas in May and hung 50 - 100cm above ground level. One trap will cover up to 2000sq m or half an acre.The attractant will remain active for 6 weeks.