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Pest Management

In the UK, the AHDB, EMR, the SWD working party and others have put a great deal of effort into raising industry awareness of the threat and produced much sound advice into how to recognise and manage the pest, culminating in the “Spot it, Stop it” campaign. An IPM approach, involving crop hygiene, insect proof nets, pesticide applications is seen as the way forward. Pest monitoring is the first, vital stage of the process.


The Droso-Trap, along with Dros’Attract, developed by Biobest for use in the Droso-Trap, has been widely accepted in the UK as the standard method of pest monitoring, see Fig.1. The trap is robust, easy to maintain in the field and can be re-used for several seasons. Tunnel ends, field margins (or even hedgerows) are the best sites for early detection. Depending on crop and field layout, 10 traps/ha. is suggested.

Fig. 1 Droso-Trap

Mass trapping

Where larger numbers of traps are needed, smaller, cheaper traps can be used. These can be rapidly deployed in high numbers, placed as close as 2m apart around crop edges. The disposable “Gasser” (RIGA) trap, see Fig.2, is akin to a yogurt pot, with a foil lid that is perforated with a hole punch when placed in the field. This trap is pre-loaded with attractant.  CLICK HERE                                                   


The Profatec trap, see Fig. 3, is re-usable and comes complete with lid and hook. Requires attractant, one 5litre container of Dros’attract will fill 60-65 traps. Quick and easy to refill and hang. The 3mm hole size ensures very little “by-catch” of larger flies, wasps etc. It is thought that mass trapping, particularly of the over-wintering population, will slow the build up of the pest to damaging levels, thus reducing the need for pesticide applications. Please speak to your advisor with regard to chemical controls.