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Predatory mite in charge of whitefly and thrips control

What is Montdorensis-Breeding-System?
  • The voracious predatory mite Transeius montdorensis
  • Efficient biological control agent of whitefly and thrips
  • Delivered in breeding sachets
What are the benefits of Montdorensis-Breeding-System?
  • Continuous release of predatory mites
  • Perfect for preventative use
  • Eat both the first and second larval stage of thrips
  • Devour eggs and larvae of both the greenhouse and tobacco whitefly
  • Generalists that also eats small pests such as spider mites, broad mites and russet mites
  • Well-adapted to high temperatures and dry conditions
  • Also active at lower temperatures and low light conditions
  • Also feed on pollen
How does biological control with Montdorensis-Breeding-System work?
  • Adults and larvae search actively for prey and start sucking their prey
  • They devour around 10 prey a day
  • Excellent boost effect by feeding with Nutrimite™ even in the absence of prey
In which crops can you introduce Montdorensis-Breeding-System?
  • Vegetable crops such as sweet pepper, cucumber and eggplant
  • Ornamental crops such as gerbera, poinsettia and rose
  • Soft fruit crops such as strawberry and raspberry


Packaging: Montdorensis sachets

Contents: 500 sachets

Carrier: sawdust and factitious prey