Scaniavital® Silica

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Wound dressing for tomato plants

What is Scaniavital Silica?
  • Paste based on finely ground clay particles enriched with silicon, potassium and lime
  • Forms a physical barrier, which encapsulates the wound  
  • Protects the wound against dehydration and dust/dirt particles
What are the advantages of Scaniavital Silica?
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries quickly
  • Contains natural substances
  • May be applied by all crop workers
  • In the Netherlands the product is allowed in residue-free crops  
How does Scaniavital Silica work?
  • Apply the product on wounds caused by leaf pruning and other stem damage
  • Spread the paste equally in a thick coating over the wound plus several centimetres above and below
In which crops can you introduce Scaniavital Silica?
  • Vegetable crops and tomato