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A reliable opponent of mealybugs

What is Anagyrus-System?
  • The parasitic wasp Anagyrus pseudocococci against several mealybug species
  • A common biological control agent of
    • Planococcus species such as the citrus mealybug P. citri
    • Pseudococcus species such as the long-tailed mealybug Pseudococcus longispinus or the obscure mealybug Pseudococcus viburni
What are the benefits of Anagyrus-System?
  • Parasitizes adults as well as nymphs
  • Active at temperatures from 14°C /57°F up to 34°C/93 °F
  • Effective at low infestation levels thanks to its high search capacity
How does biological control with Anagyrus-System work?
  • Females find the host with their antennae
  • They inject an egg into the host
  • Parasitized mealybugs immediately stop eating and become yellowish-brown mummies
  • New adults emerge through a hole at the back of the mummy
  • One female wasp parasitizes up to 15 hosts a day
In which crops can you introduce Anagyrus-System?
  • Vegetable crops such as sweet pepper
  • Ornamentals such as cut flowers and potted plants
  • Fruits crops such as citrus orchards and table grapes

Anagyrus-System - 500

Packaging: 100 ml tube

Contents: 500 larvae

Carrier: sawdust