About us

AGRALAN is a specialist company established by Alan Frost, the current Managing Director, in 1986.  Since this time, Agralan have developed a range of products designed to allow growers to reduce, rationalise or avoid the need for pesticide application for insect pests.

Many of the products are used by organic growers and have been developed from use in larger-scale horticulture
in particular Enviromesh for the protection of vegetables against insect pests.

The development of insect monitoring systems is also of widespread importance, particularly in respect of the introduction of integrated crop management for growers. The ability to predict precisely the need for and timing of treatment, allows a reduction in the need for pesticide applications.

More recent innovation offer growers the means of reducing the need for fungicide and herbicide applications through biological pest control.

Agralan's in depth knowledge of biological pest control and its understanding and anticipation of the needs of today’s gardener has resulted in the development of a unique and highly successful product range.  Today, where many products on the market have failed to 'do as they say on the packet', Agralan's have become a trusted friend of the grower. 

As consumers and retailers increase their demand for justification for and reduction of pesticide inputs, so the importance of the Agralan range will continue to grow. Do not hesitate to contact us if you think we may be of help.