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Enviromesh provides insect control treatment which can give complete control of a wide range of insect pests of vegetables and other crops, including Carrot Fly and Cabbage Root Fly.

Also protects crops from pigeons, rabbits, wind, hail and autumn frosts.

Agralan Enviromesh is a fine mesh netting, woven from u.v. stabilized polyethylene. The mesh size is 1.35mm. The weight is around 55 gms/sq.metre, light passage 90% and air passage 75%. 

The material is very durable. In tests, it showed no deterioration after continuous exposure for a period of 60 months. In practice Enviromesh has lasted a period of 7-15 years.

Under conventional growing systems, herbicides may be applied through the net. These are best applied using a medium/coarse droplet size, preferably air-assisted. 

Disease Control – unlike many crop covers, Enviromesh is unlikely to encourage disease. Fungicides have been successfully applied through the net, as with herbicides.


Enviromesh is available in a range of widths, in standard roll lengths of 100metres. It is most economical to cover the maximum number of beds with a single width. When calculating the width required, it is necessary to allow for the height of the crop and anchorage of the net. Enviromesh will not stretch and sufficient slack must be left to allow unrestricted crop growth. 


Crops should be covered immediately after sowing or planting.

If transplants are used these must be free of pests before covering. This is best achieved by raising the transplants under Tendamesh. Certain soil pests, for example Carrot Fly, can survive in the soil between crops. Covered carrots should therefore only be grown in rotation with non-umbelliferous crops.

Insect pests which are excluded by Enviromesh include:

            Cabbage Root Fly

            Carrot Fly

            Caterpillars (Lepidoptera spp.)

            Aphids (most species)

            Leaf Miners