Andersoni System 25,000

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Amblyseius andersoni: polyphagous predatory mite

What is Amblyseius andersoni?
  • Known under different names: Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) potentillae or Amblyseius (Euseius) andersoni 
  • Polyphagous predatory mite
  • Omnivorous
  • Feeds on all sorts of harmful mites such as spider mites, gall mites and russet mites
  • Also feeds on thrips, pollen, honeydew and fungi
What are the benefits of Amblyseius andersoni?
  • Effective at cold and higher temperatures
  • Can survive in absence of prey
In which crops is Amblyseius andersoni effective?
  • Ornamental crops
  • Fruit crops
  • Several tree species


Andersoni System 25.000

Packaging: 1 l cardboard tube

Contents: 25.000 predatory mites

Carrier: bran and factitious prey

Relevant crops

  • Roses
  • Green and Runner bean

Relevant pests and diseases

Spider mites