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Actively controlling thrips

What is Degenerans-System?
  • The dark coloured predatory mite Amblyseius degenerans
  • A biological control agent of thrips
  • Especially effective in combination with predatory bug Orius laevigatus and predatory mites Amblyseius cucumeris and Amblyseius swirskii
What are the advantages of Degenerans-System?
  • Mainly eats very young thrips larvae
  • Also feeds on several spider mite species
  • Is very mobile
  • Very conspicuous on leaves and in flowers thanks to its dark colour
  • Controls thrips directly in the flowers
  • Survives on pollen and quickly establishes a population
  • Efficient at low humidity, so in greenhouses with a dry climate
  • Can be introduced in greenhouses in winter as this predatory mite is not diapause sensitive
How does pest control with Degenerans-System work?
  • Actively searches for prey
  • Eats 4 to 5 thrips larvae a day
  • At high pest density it kills more prey than it needs for survival
  • It quickly builds up a strong population with the help of alternative feed source Nutrimite™

In which crops you can introduce Degenerans-System?

Vegetable crops such as sweet pepper and eggplant



Packaging: 30 ml plastic tube

Contents: 500 predatory mites

Carrier: vermiculite

Relevant crops

Sweet pepper and Hot pepper
Eggplant (aubergine)

Relevant pests and diseases



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