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The parasitic wasp for whitefly control

What is Eretmocerus-System?
  • The parasitic wasp Eretmocerus eremicus
  • Ectoparasitoid that controls whitefly infestations
  • The female adults are citron yellow, have green eyes with three red dots (the so-called ocelli or simple eyes) and have five antenna segments in total
  • The males are yellow brown, have three thickened antenna segments and are smaller than the females
What are the advantages of Eretmocerus-System?
  • Preference for second and third instar larvae of both tobacco and greenhouse whitefly
  • Parasitises around 150 whitefly larvae
  • Also effective at high temperatures above 30 °C/ 86 °F
  • Less sensitive to pesticides than other parasitic wasps against whitefly  
In which crops you can introduce Eretmocerus-System?
  • Vegetable crops such as tomato, sweet pepper and eggplant
  • Ornamental crops such as rose, poinsettia and gerbera


Avoid intensive deleafing of tomato plants as this can prevent the Eretmocerus eremicus population from building up.



Packaging: 100 ml plastic bottle

Contents: 5.000 pupae

Carrier: sawdust

Eretmocerus-System (100-5.000)

Packaging: card with hook

Outer coating: box with 10 strips of 5 cards

Contents: 50 x 100 pupae/card

Eretmocerus-System (100-10.000)

Packaging: card with hook

Outer coating: box with 20 strips of 5 cards

Contents: 100 x 100 pupae/card

Relevant crops

  • Medicinal cannabis
  • Anthurium
  • Tomato and Cherry tomato
  • Sweet pepper and Hot pepper
  • Roses
  • Poinsettia
  • Melon and Watermelon
  • Green and Runner bean
  • Gerbera
  • Eggplant (aubergine)
  • Cucumber and Gherkin

Relevant pests and diseases

Greenhouse whitefly
Tobacco whitefly

Technical Sheet