Ervi System

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What is Ervi-System?

  • The biological control agent Aphidius ervi
  • Most frequently used parasitic wasp to control large aphids
  • Efficient against large aphid species such as the potato aphid Macrosiphum euphorbiae and the buttercup aphid Aulacorthum solani
 What are the benefits of Ervi-System?
  • Very good search behaviour that allows them to detect and parasitize incipient aphid hot spots at low prey density
  • Can distinguish parasitized from non-parasitized aphids
  • Develops and spreads fast in the crop
  • Adapted to low temperatures 
How does biological control with Ervi-System work?
  • Females lay hundreds of eggs during the first 4 days of their adult life
  • The parasitic wasps detect alarm signals from an affected plant and the smell of honeydew secreted by the host. This allows them to locate aphid hot spots from a long distance
  • They can parasitize hundreds of aphids
  • The parasitic wasps parasitize both adults and nymphs
  • Parasitized aphids change into golden brown mummies
  • Parasitic wasps can cause a panic reaction, due to which the aphids fall onto the ground and die 
In which crops can you introduce Ervi-System?
  • Ornamental crops such as chrysanthemum and gerbera  
  • Vegetable crops such as tomato, eggplant and pepper
  • Soft fruit such as strawberry and raspberry
  • Tree nursery 



Packaging: 100 ml plastic tube

Contents: 100 mummies

Carrier: buckwheat



Packaging: 100 ml plastic tube

Contents: 2.000 mummies

Carrier: buckwheat



Packaging: 30 ml plastic tube

Contents: 5.000 mummies

Carrier: not applicable


Relevant crops

  • Strawberry
  • Medicinal cannabis
  • Anthurium
  • Tree and shrub nursery
  • Tomato and Cherry tomato
  • Sweet pepper and Hot pepper
  • Roses
  • Melon and Watermelon
  • Green and Runner bean
  • Gerbera
  • Eggplant (aubergine)
  • Cucumber and Gherkin
  • Chrysanthemum

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