Apple Leaf Midge Traps & Refills

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Dasineura mali (Family: Cecidomyiidae) Apple Leaf Midge

The adult apple leaf (curling) midge is a tiny mosquito like fly, 2-3mm in length, with clear wings, a dark brown or black body, long beaded antennae and long legs. Larvae are legless, flat to cylindrical, white to orange/red in colour.

A pest of apples, including ornamental malus species. The larvae feed in the growing shoots, grazing and rolling the leaf.  The growing point can be killed, causing stunting or branching of the shoot. The pest overwinters as cocoons in the soil.

The traps should be place in the orchard before the first adults normally appear and maintained until the end of the season. This may be from mid-March to late September. It should be noted that the exact time of insect emergence will vary with location and seasonal variation.