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Effectively controls the larvae of owlet moths, crane flies and shore flies

What is Carpocapsae-System?
  • Microscopically small worms of the species Steinernema carpocapsae
  • Contains an insect-killing symbiotic bacterium
  • Effective in a temperature range between 12°C and 30°C
Which pests does Carpocapsae-System control?
  • Caterpillars, especially from the Noctuidae-family (also called owlet moths)
  • Larvae of the codling moth and larvae of Duponchelia fovealis
  • Larvae of the crane fly (leatherjackets)
  • Larvae of the mole cricket larvae
  • Larvae of shore flies
What are the benefits of Carpocapsae-System?
  • Fast biological control of above mentioned larvae
  • Long-term protection in the soil
  • No side effect on beneficials
  • Safe for people and environment
 How does it control pests?
  • Infectious juvenile nematodes penetrate the host through natural orifices
  • Once in the body cavity, the symbiotic bacteria are released
  • The symbiont kills the host within 24 to 48 hours
  • The nematodes multiply in the cadaver
  • New infectious nematodes leave the cadaver in search of other pests
In which crops is Carpocapsae-System effective?
  • Vegetable crops
  • Soft fruit crops
  • Orchards
  • Ornamental crops


Carpocapsae-System is delivered as a gel formulation in units of:
  • 50 million nematodes
  • 250 million nematodes
  • 2.500 million nematodes

Relevant crops

  • Medicinal cannabis
  • Potted plants
  • Tomato and Cherry tomato
  • Sweet pepper and Hot pepper
  • Roses
  • Poinsettia
  • Green and Runner bean
  • Gerbera
  • Cucumber and Gherkin
  • Pear
  • Apple

Relevant pests and diseases

Codling moth
Duponchelia moth
Fungus gnats
Shore fly


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