Fruit Tree Tortix, 3 Delta Trap (Acleris rhombana)

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Fruit Tree Tortix, (Acleris rhombana). A regular pest of many fruit and nut crops, in particular apples, where damage is often very serious. Caterpillars feed on flower head leaves and later can eat cavities into the fruits


Trapping Season: The traps should be place in the orchard before the first moths normally appear and maintained until the end of the season. This is normally from early May to early October. It should be noted that the exact time of insect emergence will vary with location and seasonal variation.

Trap Placement and Density for Monitoring: The traps should be placed at head height within the tree canopy and located centrally within the orchard with at least 50m between each trap. One trap should be sufficient to monitor up to 3 hectares of a uniform orchard. In the case of irregular orchards 1 trap per hectare is recommended.


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