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To boost predatory mites

What is Nutrimite™?
  • Highly nutritional feed supplement based on specially selected pollen
  • Suitable for phytoseid predatory mites such as A. swirskii and A. degenerans
  • Relatively resistant to humidity and fungus development
  • Relatively unattractive to thrips
  • Not attractive to honeybees and bumblebees
What are the advantages of Nutrimite™?
  • Faster establishment of the predatory mite population in your crop
  • Used to accelerate the population development
  • Helps predatory mites to survive a period of low prey densities
  • Allows growers to introduce predatory mites earlier
  • No negative influence on the predation capacity of predatory mites
How does Nutrimite™ work?
  • Use Nutrimite™ from the first introduction of the predatory mites or to support a population that is already present
  • Spray Nutrimite™ every 2 weeks in your crop
  • The nutritional value will be maintained for 2 weeks
  • Repeating the treatment might be necessary depending on the density of the predatory mite population
In which crops can you introduce Nutrimite™?
  • Ornamentals such as roses and poinsettia
  • Vegetable crops before flowering such as pepper
  • Vegetable crops with not much or no pollen such as cucumber
  • Plant propagation

Relevant crops

  • Roses
  • Poinsettia

Relevant pests and diseases

Greenhouse whitefly
Tobacco whitefly


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