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Sphaerophoria rueppellii: hoverfly larvae against aphids

What is Sphaerophoria rueppellii?
  • Endemic hoverfly
  • Indigenous to Europe
  • Biological control agent against aphids
  • Sphaerophoria larvae also eat whitefly, thrips and spider mite
  • Adult hoverflies are harmless. They feed on pollen and nectar
  • The larvae are essential for effective control
  • Sufficient daylight is important for good activity. The hoverflies are not as active in autumn
What are the benefits of Sphaerophoria rueppellii?
  • The hoverflies are active in a wide range of temperatures (12°C – 40°C); but achieve the best results between 25°C and 35°C
  • You can combine Sphaerophoria rueppellii with aphid parasitoids. Hoverfly larvae only eat the non-parasitized aphids. By using both, you reduce the number of aphids in your crops even more drastically
  • Sphaerophoria-System can be introduced easily and does not need additional flowering plants
How does it control pests?
  • Females can lay up to 400 eggs (15-20 eggs a day)
  • Adult females search for aphid infestations to lay their whitish grey oval-shaped eggs
  • They prefer to lay their eggs in large colonies to avoid a lack of prey
  • In 9 days and at 25°C, the green larvae that hatch from the eggs can devour up to 200 aphids before pupating



 Packaging: 125 ml plastic bottle

Contents: 100 pupae

Carrier: not applicable

Relevant crops

Sweet pepper and Hot pepper

Relevant pests and diseases